For centuries horses physically transported humans from one place to another in search of new horizons and a better world. Today, horses continue to move us towards a better world but in new ways. In this era the horse is less about transportation and more about transformation.

At Lively Heels, the movement of the horse’s feet represents dynamic symbols of transformation. For the participants in our workshops, this movement is a portal to learning from the “inside-out.” Experience the transformative power of Lively Heels for yourself.

Diana Gallant, Founder

Diana is a senior workplace performance consultant with over 18 years’ experience developing training and performance support initiatives aligned with strategic business objectives. She has experience in the financial, automotive, transportation, healthcare, telecommunications, sales, customer service, engineering, government, and higher education industries.

A life-long horsewoman, Diana recognizes the benefits horses bring to the corporate training environment as safe, entertaining, and nonjudgmental “simulators.” Her unique combination of professional and equine experience forms the basis of her team building and leadership programs.

Diana has an MA in Educational Technology from the University of Northern Colorado, and is a Certified Practitioner of Equine Assisted Corporate Training by the Equine Experiential Education Association. She is also an active member of the Association for Talent Development and the Performance Support Community.

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