Horses understand leadership

Horses constantly watch their surroundings and look for cues from herd leaders. When humans are present, horses naturally “read” us as well. They assess us and reflect back information about our:

Leadership Capabilities

Communications Styles

Approach to Teamwork

Problem Solving Strategies

In our workshops, participants become the herd leaders and the horses respond with immediate, honest, and observable feedback on the strength of their leadership. Participants are often surprised at how a slight change in their body language or tone of voice can turn a skeptic into a follower!

Horses model leadership

Horses are animals that are “hard wired” to react positively to confident, clearly-communicated direction from herd leaders. In the wild, their lives depend on it. In domestic situations, their well-being depends on it.

In our workshops you will observe how horses behave in the herd environment and admire their collaborative behavior and innate leadership qualities. Often these behaviors and qualities are “picked up by osmosis” and applied back in the workplace.

Our simulated leadership environment provides an excellent setting to learn and practice leadership and communication skills in a safe and fun setting.

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